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Video shooting in October 2, 2017

NINGBO YINZHOU HINES RUBBER&PLASTIC CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of eva foam, pe foam, yoga mat, yoga roller, foam pad, pu foam ball, slow rising, fitness and sport items, eva and pu toys etc. Our company occupied more than 16,000m2, which employed more than 200 workers. The big capacity was high appreciated by customer.Meanwhile, our company are located in Ningbo City, which is one biggest port of China. It helps to saving a lot of transport cost and time. We are equipped with six foaming production line, which could foam more than 2000CBM material per month. Also we have own yoga mat, yoga roller, knee pads,Pu foam ball,stress rubber ball, toys, DIY crafts, outdoor mat etc. Finished product workshop. The Mat & roller was widely sold to domestic and aboard market. Moreover, we are also equipped 3 cutting line,CNC machine, hot stamping machine, which could supply various shaped eva foam and other material foam products.The functional launched abil...

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Services1)We could do special packing for customer. Display box, label, even blister card etc. 2)We could do pre shipment inspection for customer 3)We do sales cut 2 times per year 4)We help customer collect different samples in China too and help ship out

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